Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hulless Popcorn Is Your Solution

I think you all like this the hulless popcorn.For many people, pop-corn is a delicacy that cannot be enjoyed. Whether your suffer from digestive problems such as Crohn's disease, diverticulitis or Irritable Bowl Syndrome, or dental restrictions like dentures, orthodontics or other fragile dental work, pop-corn is an enemy.

For people who like popcorn and have these problems, you're missing your favorite eat, healthy snack. Here is a solution: "hulless popcorn" from Munchie Gifts . Technically, "hull-less" doesn't exist. it is of kernels have a hull (the skin that holds the kernel together), and without it popping corn would not exist either.

The hulless variety is a special breed that has the smallest, thinnest, most fragile hull of all the varieties of popcorn. "Our most popular variety is called Baby White Rice because it looks like rice," says Diane Jariga, manager of Munchie Gifts. "This variety of has kernels that are miniature and white and it's healthier and easier on the colon than regular popcorns.

For people in the U.S. who have digestive problems (which there are a lot of), it's a great snack. Hulless has much smaller kernels compared to regular popcorn which may provide smaller pieces, but they are easier to digest and won't get stuck in your teeth like the hard, stiff hulls of regular popcorns.

The hull is destroyed during the popping process so all that's left is the center of crunchy goodness. Concerned with dental work? The hulless variety won't cause breakage in orthodonture, become lodged in a denture bridge or break teeth, as some "old maids" are known to do.

Moreover, compared to other snack foods, pop corn is healthy, nutritious and low in calories. It has a high quality carbohydrate that's high in fiber. This means it takes longer to chew and makes you feel full longer. Air-popped pop corn provides only 30 calories per cup. When popped in oil (such as coconut oil, which is widely used in hulless popcorn machines), it contains only 55 calories. Even with butter, it's only 90 to 120 calories per cup.Read more hulless popcorn

Hulless Popcorn

pi5 There are varieties of popcorn that have less noticeable hulls in the final popped popcorn, but there are no varieties that are completely hull-less. the smaller the unpopped kernel, the less hulls there will be after it is popped, and the ones that do remain will be very small, thin and delicate. Our Baby White, Medium White and Yellow Lady Finger Popcorn varieties have been developed to produce the smallest kernel possible, thus producing very few, if any noticeable hulls after popping.All popcorn has hulls, because popcorn must have a hull in order to pop.